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Barb Baichley (1)
Brian Bliss (1)
  • Refresh and Renew with God's Word

    The skills of rightly-dividing the Word of truth are perishable, they decline if we do not use them. Using them keeps God's Word fresh and alive in our minds.

Benji Magnelli (2)
  • The Most Important Thing in Your Life

    Nothing is bigger than salvation. Nothing. Salvation is our life! We are saved and will be with the Father forever! It cannot be overstated.

  • The Common Faith

    Jesus is the door, not the staircase. He is the door. We enter in and we are done. Then we have the common faith. We have true unity when you and I connect over this spiritual bond we both share.

Charlie and Rita Smith (1)
  • Charlie and Rita's Road Trip

    Charlie and Rita share how God worked in their hearts to bless both their planning and their visits during their trip to Montana.

Charlie Smith (3)
  • Comprehending the Light of God

    God is light and in Him is no darkness at all. Light always overcomes darkness. There are no grey areas in God's light. It is the light of God that allows us to separate truth from error.

  • Being More Than Conquerors Takes Endurance

    Being More Than Conquerors Takes Endurance - it requires staying focused on God, and in your ability to prevail and conquer in all things. Especially when you are faced with adversity.

  • Fellow Workers With God

    As fellow workers with God, we all contribute our strengths and abilities to bless one another and make our fellowship the best. Charlie lays out our plan moving forward, where each of us may pick a week to teach and/or lead the fellowship. We then began setting up the calendar for the coming months.

Cliff Adelman (1)
  • The Battle For Your Mind

    God's plan for us is victory. The adversary wants to corrupt our minds so we never see the victory. We must discipline our thinking to have victory in our lives.

Carol Price (2)
  • What Would Jesus Do?

    We are to do the works of Jesus Christ, and greater - meaning in a larger number, because there are many of us doing his works today.

  • Remember What God Has Done

    God's Word encourages us to remember what God has done for us. Every night I try to remember what God did for me that day.

Dan Keyes (3)
  • The Account of Cornelius

    This is a remarkable story if you know the history and culture behind it. It is a very unusual period in the Church, because up until this time there wasn't anybody in the Church except former Jews.

  • Rise Up and Claim Victory

    Hannah was childless and endured verbal attacks by Peninnah for years. What was it in her life that opened the floodgates so she could get the answer she needed? She rose up.

  • Expectations of the Apostles

    What did the apostles believe about Jesus Christ? And what did they expect to occur in the near future?

Dan and Sher Stalker (3)
  • Christians are not victims!

    Communion 2024. Christians are not victims! We are sons of God with all power. We are more than conquerors.

  • Communion 2023

    Communion with our fellowship. What matters most is if you believe what Jesus Christ accomplished for you on the cross.

  • Communion 2022

    Our Communion Service

Debbie Mayer (2)
  • A New Way to Live

    Jesus showed us a new way to live -- to walk with God, to walk in love, to live in joy and freedom, responding to the love of God.

  • Keep Your Heart Pure

    We want to keep our hearts pure so the Father can reach us with His love and wisdom.

Debra Rose (3)
  • Spiritual Gazillionaires

    The spiritual riches God has provided and continues to provide, all that God has to give, He gave. He did not hold back!

  • "Us" in Ephesians 1

    Ephesians tells us what God did for us in Christ. God made us communal creations. We need one another.

  • Comfort and Joy Part II

    Although Paul experienced jaw-dropping pain and persecution, he also experienced great comfort and great joy. And he wrote about it in his epistles.

Eileen Sheppard (1)
  • How God Provides

    How God provides. We can see God's provisional care for His people throughout history.

Frank Sullivan (1)
  • How to Make Good Choices

    There are plenty of choices we can make in life. Here is an entire list of what God wants us to dwell on.

Gary Frederick (1)
  • The Standard for Giving in the Age of Grace

    The standard for giving today is "Every man according as he purposes in his heart." Usages of "tithe" in the New Testament show the tithe was part of the law that was done away with Jesus' sacrifice.

George Slavin (1)
  • The New Birth

    Before we were born again we did not know what would happen to us. The new birth is the beginning of understanding God's gift of Christ.

Ibanessa Hogan (1)
  • Never Alone

    God is love, He never abandons us. When we feel alone the best thing we can do is build up our minds with God's Word.

Jerry Weller (1)
Jacque Horney (1)
  • A House Built Upon a Rock

    This is something we all have done. To build something implies intention. It takes work. It doesn't just happen. The cool thing is seeing that rock in action.

Joanne Baxter (1)
  • Focus

    We become what we think about. What do you think about, focus on, in life? Sometimes we need to check ourselves.

John Kish (2)
  • A Spiritual Tune-up

    At least once a year we should do a spiritual tune-up to see how we are doing. John reviews 10 things you should promise yourself.

  • Walking as Children of Light

    A great frame of mind is necessary in your walk, a spiritual humility is necessary if you are going to keep the unity of the spirit in the bond of peace.

Jon Ryan (2)
  • Attitude

    We have to determine our frame of thinking. In every situation we can remain thankful. No one can give you a poor attitude.

  • Can You See the Promised Land?

    The last two or three years we have been inundated with negatives. God takes care of the birds in the air, the lilies of the field, and He will take care of us.

Judy Sullivan (1)
Kevin Carter (1)
  • We Have Access to God

    Right now we have peace with God and access to Him through our Lord Jesus Christ. God wants us to go directly to Him through Jesus Christ.

Ken Morris (1)
Leesa D'Orazio (3)
Daniel Stalker (3)
  • Love Your Neighbor

    Love your neighbor. Jesus showed us EVERYONE is our neighbor. And we are to love our neighbor as ourselves.

  • Receiving the Word

    When we hear or read the Word we take heed to how we hear the Word. We want to gain understanding that bears fruit and glorifies our Father.

  • Grace Conference Sharings

    Hear what blessed our people at the Grace Conference in St. Augustine.

Mike Hanrahan (1)
  • All Spiritual Blessings

    We have been given all spiritual blessings - every one! We are fully equipped. So now we want to develop our relationship with Him. This is where life counts!

Michael Sanders (3)
  • The Power of Our Words

    God speaks what He wants to bring about. How do we release the power God has given us? With words. We speak it forth.

  • Our Spiritual Perspective

    Our spiritual perspective determines how we walk for God. Jesus walked powerfully because he saw things differently.

  • The Father's Limitless Love

    How much does our Dad love us? Let's try to count the ways. It is an amazing journey to realize that His love really knows no bounds. Love is not just something He does, it is Who He is, it is one of the defining characteristics of His very nature. God IS Love.

Pat Etchison (1)
  • Access

    Because of Christ's accomplishments we have unlimited access to God and His grace. And He has access to do wonderful things for our lives.

Patti Cullen (1)
  • The Road to Emmaus

    They were convinced their hope was gone. Not because they were stupid, because they were not applying their mind, without mental reflection.

Rita Smith (3)
Robin Magnelli (1)
  • The Lord Is My Shepherd

    Sometimes if we just slow down and think about what the Word is saying it can be very impacting. What God chose to emphasize in the 23rd Psalm is the relationship.

Rosemary Batezel (3)
  • The Birth of Jesus

    We read of Jesus' birth and understand it differently from the people that lived back then. When an incident in the Bible proceeds in the usual, well-known, normal fashion, it is not written about in detail. We must piece together the details from many texts and writings and a study of the culture.

  • Samson

    Jesus would have learned so much when he read how Samson stood alone and overcame by God's wisdom and strength.

  • The Man Moses

    Moses knew who he was and the stand he would take. He chose to live a godly life and became God's man.

Sher Stalker (3)
  • What God Is Willing To Do For Us 2

    Not anything of all the good God spoke to Israel failed. If God did that Israel, don't you think He will do the same for His kids?

  • One Day At A Time

    We live life one day at a time. Daily we perform our vows. God is committed and faithful to His promises daily. We need to claim them daily.

  • Forgiveness

    Forgiveness is a conscious, deliberate effort to release feelings of resentment or vengeance towards someone, regardless of whether they actually deserve our forgiveness.

Sher Stalker and Barb Baichley (1)
  • The Sher and Barb Show

    Sher and Barb challenge us with a game. How can common everyday items remind us of the Word?

Shirley Wiedenhamer (1)
  • Be a Giant Killer!

    You can slay the giants in your life and walk in victory. Learn the keys you need from David's victory over Goliath.

Todd & Michelle Cencich (1)
  • True Life & What Unifies Us

    What does Jesus's death on the cross mean to me? How can I live it every day? We are all chosen to be holy and without blame in him.

Todd Grilliot (1)
Terri Ladwig (2)
  • A Renewed Mind Recipe

    This is not just positive thinking. Our moral compass is greater than that. It is set on spiritual things, knowing the greatness of God.

  • Wisdom - Living in the Moment

    When you stop and look at the moment you see things differently. What you have. Who you are with. You are happy, and God is Who He is. The moment, not the past, not the future, but that teeny tiny moment is for you to enjoy.

Tammy Labota (1)
  • The Benefit of Forgiveness

    Love and forgiveness go hand in hand. If we cannot forgive someone in our life, we need to do that. Then we will be free to live, love, and forgive.

Tom Knupp (1)
Victoria Finley (1)
  • The Covering of Prayer

    God sees and covers all. There is not a moment in our lives when we are alone. He has a vantage point like no other. His ears are always open to our prayers. We know He hears us always.

Vera O'Neal (1)
  • True Knowledge

    Vain philosophers think they can get to God through knowledge. But it takes spirit, it can't happen in your brain. We seek those things that are above, where Christ is.

Wendy Stutzman (3)
  • How Big is God?

    In every field of study most see the unanswered questions. If they look further they will see the intelligent design behind it all.

  • Take Control of Your Thoughts and Words

    We want to take control of our thoughts and words and life so we win. We focus on what we want to see come to pass.

  • The God Who Sees

    God came to Hagar when she was alone and pregnant and in the middle of the desert. She named God "The God Who Sees Me." What does God see of us?